Our curriculum consists of 7 levels that starts with Simple electronic circuits and continuously covers concepts all the way until humanoids at Level 7. The course is sketched to be understandable by children ageing 10 years and above. This course implements practical way of learning as opposed to theoretical learning in many traditional educational institutions. If the class is about resistor, every kid will have resistor in hand and will test the resistor along with it’s properties in the same class itself.

This technique of teaching help kids understand the deeper concepts of Electronics, Mechanics & Software Engineering. With this course kids are always busy building things leaving all the 20th Century distractions like Games/Phones/Tablets. Kids are certified after every level by clearing the final examination.

Level fee includes the cost of kit. So, your kid can experiment and create at any time.

7 Level Curriculum


Learn basic Electronic Circuits & Projects




Build & Design using Mechanics and Electronics




Wireless control, Solar power & smart robots




Autonomous Robots using Visual Programming




Autonomous Robots using C Programming




Build Real world applicable prototypes




Create unique moves with Humanoid


Now is a good time to invest in your child’s career to make him/her different from others studying along with him. In this competent world all it takes is the slightest difference a decision can make to create wonders in your child’s future.

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