O`Botz Summer Camp – 2019

Is your child always interested in analyzing their toys?

Do they just open a new toy to see how it works?

Our Robotics Program is designed to cater the enthusiasm of children just like yours. O`Botz is a 7 level program which starts with basic electronics and continues all the way till your child can build their own humanoid. You can learn more about our curriculum here

For Summer Season we have customized our program to complete one level in summer with classes running every other day from Monday to Saturday.

Class duration is just two hours and the child will be given tasks to home like listing out 10 conductors found in their home experimentally.

Your child can continue the program by joining higher levels and attending classes once per week during their regular school days to ensure continuity and long term knowledge of the subject.

Summer Camp is running across all the centers in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. Fill the form below to show your interest towards the program and one of our executives will get in touch to explain more in detail. We respect your privacy and the data you provide will not be revealed any third party.


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